I have to say that I was very taken with Cokinos’ excellent book researching meteors.  It’s a vivid, personal, meticulous book that goes deep into the rocks, the people who hunt them, and into the author’s own connection to the space rocks.

Cokinos looks back into the storied history of the meteor, and at the men and women who fell under their spell.  Fascinating stories from several rock hounds fill the pages of this book, as well as many incredible facts about meteors themselves.  Many bitter feuds have stirred up between one time friends because of these objects, and many fortunes have been made or lost due to them.  Cokinos himself reveals his personal hardships as he works on his book, as he suffers through a divorce and meets his current partner, Kathe.

To sum up, here’s what I said about the book over at Indiebound: “In this incredibly personal book, Cokinos has successfully blended natural science, biographical memoir, and bits of humor into an immensely engaging read. Deftly splitting his focus between the dedicated people who have hunted meteors over the years (including himself) and the mythical space rocks themselves, Cokinos has written one of those rare books where every page was a pleasure to take in.”

The Fallen Sky, by Chrisopher Cokinos
Jeremy P. Tarcher, Hardcover, $27.95
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(Book review based upon an Advance copy sent to us by Indiebound)