As a big fan of Loewen’s earlier works, Lies My Teacher Told Me and Lies Across America, I was naturally thrilled to hear that he had a book detailing how he would recommend teaching history courses to students.  After finishing it, I think that it stands among his previous books as a fantastic companion and an excellent teaching aid for aspiring and current U.S. history teachers.

While the book is clearly aimed for those who educate, as a former U.S. history student and a current anthropology student, this book managed to not only entertain but inform me about several topics of interest.  While he treads somewhat similar ground to his older books, he puts a new spin on it or builds upon it very well within Teaching…, and very rarely does the book come off as repetitive. 

Packed with statistics, personal anecdotes, and a vast amount of notes and sources, Loewen’s book will prove to be a valuable foundation for teachers who want to go beyond the textbook.  While the layman may receive more benefits bypassing this for Lies My Teacher Told Me, I can recommend this book for serious history buffs, fans of his earlier work and the aforementioned instructors of history.

Teaching What Really Happened: How to Avoid the Tyranny of Textbooks and Get Students Excited about Doing History, by James W. Loewen
Teachers College Press, Paperback, $21.95
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(Review based upon final, retail copy of the book given to me by Gary and Reva Colliver)