Gary, Michael and I have been chatting about doing a book of the month promotion in the store, and after some planning and conference, we are happy to finally unveil this new feature of our store!  The Book of the Month is decided by the three of us, through a roundtable discussion, as a book that we want to highlight and celebrate as being an astounding work in its respective category.  It may be a book all three of us have read and enjoyed, or it may be one that only one of us read, but they were enthralled by it and did a superb job in presenting that passion to the others.  It can be a brand new book, or a classic from ye olde days – the title’s age doesn’t matter.  We will definitely be promoting books that have slipped under the radar, as all too many good books do.  But the occasional big name will also be a part of this, if we feel that it is something people absolutely NEED to read.  The book will be prominently displayed up front, and as a part of our promotion, we’ll be marking it down 20% from its retail price.

To kick this off, we’re proud and excited to present our first Book of the Month selection for this August:

Girl with Skirt of Stars, by Jennifer Kitchell.  This is a literary suspense novel that Gary thoroughly loved.  Here’s what he had to say about Jennifer’s debut:

Different histories, cultures, politics, spiritual views, and personalities collide on the Navaho Reservation in Arizona in the debut novel to create a spellbinding and thought-provoking story.  I highly recommend this book.

From what Gary was telling me about this book this morning, it’s pretty much the definition of a pageturner; the kind of book you want to keep reading, even when you have other things to do.  His riveting praise caught my attention, and I’m certainly considering giving the book a shot.  How about you?  Will you pick up our August Book of the Month? 

We’d love to hear comments from people who have read this marvelous book, so please share them with us through the comments.