…and I failed to realize it until now (I must admit, that makes me a little sad at the thought).  Mary Roach is an absolute riot to read.  She takes on some of the weirder topics of science (like corpses, ghosts and sex…now that’s a twisted combo.  Thankfully, each topic is its own book XD ), infuses heaps upon heaps of excellent humor to the whole thing, and can suddenly render readers to quickly waste away a few hours giggling and learning some simply fascinating things like that.  And her footnotes are incrediblly hilarious.

I’ve even had the privilege of hearing her speak (and she’s as funny live as she is with her writing!), and I can vouch that she’s a fantastic, awesome person.  She even signed all of my books (which, until now, my wife and I had a complete set of!).  I’ll likely be special ordering a copy for my wife and I to enjoy – I recommend giving her a read if you haven’t.  I’m going to make a strong push to bring in her entire library into our store soon.