…have been physical ones.  Michael and I have spent a lot of time reorganizing, relocating and reshuffling the front and middle rooms of our store, and I think that the end results are fantastic.  We’ve made both rooms more open than they were before, which makes it much easier to browse without bumping into someone.  Several of our locals have loved the switch, but some of you may not have been in lately, so we wanted to share our newly renovated shop with you!

To begin, the front room used to look like this:

…which was okay, but it was terribly crowded.  Here’s how we look now:

Man, I love how much space we now have up front!  It’s not longer cramped in here, which is marvelous.  We also were able to relocate the shelf that had our bestsellers (which was replaced by a round table, which both displays more books and looks nicer!) further in, and we’ve made that our staff favorites (I’ll get to that in a later post!).  I don’t have any good pics of my middle room before the move, but it was a bit of a labyrinth.  The Young Adult, Poetry, Drama and Used Mass-Markets were tucked away behind a massive shelf, making them both hard to see and forcing the room to appear much smaller than it actually is.  We also had a US History shelf right to the left when you walked in, which cut off the view of the Putumayo CD’s.  We felt it was time to rectify those issues, so we removed three shelves, did some major reclassification, brought in the cart that once held our political/social issue sections, and voila!

Spacious, huh?

The first shot highlights our major focus change – the fiction books are up front and center on this room, with the classics leaping out at you from the far back.  We’re working on significantly boosting all of our major areas of fiction: general and literary, sci-fi and fantasy, mystery and suspense, westerns, and the classics.  They are most definitely better stocked, and we will continue to grow and expand these areas as we move forward.  We also prioritized our used selection to carry the best of what we have had available from our storage.

The other major goal was to make each section stand out as you walk in.  The second shot shows off the prominence of each section, which was lost in the maze prior to our remodeling.  Our Political/Social Issues, History, Biography, Reference, Young Adult, Art and Music, Humor, Sports, and other categories are now much easier to spot and browse than they were before, which is a big plus.

Something I’d like to do with the blog is put a spotlight on our categories once a week.  We have a great selection of books, and we can now share some of the hidden gems and our treasured favorites much easier, both new and used.  So look forward to that!  Thanks for taking the mini tour with me – I’ll happily give it for real in the store when you come in!