After a failed attempt to get into some fiction (which I know is good fiction, as Neil Gaiman is a fantastic author, and what I was reading, American Gods, was engaging, but I just wasn’t connecting to the narrative), I settled on a book that has struck my curiosity – Michelle Goldberg’s The Means of Reproduction.  I heard about it online, read a couple of her blog posts, and had magically stumbled upon it at a library book sale, so I felt that it was time to take advantage of the good fortune I had been given.

My thoughts are brief, as I’ve only read the introduction, but the topic alone is a very important one – female reproductive rights.  She lays out the course of the book very well, which is a boon for an intro.  It’s a controversal topic to be sure, and Goldberg notes this often in the text, but I feel that it is one that needs to be discussed, and, from the taste I’ve received so far, Goldberg is a good choice to be delivering it.  Hopefully it’ll remain that way.