Last week I posted about book bindings, and today, finally, I have a chance to discuss some of the really nifty vintage books we have.  The pure artistry of these books is astounding to me.  I’ll begin with two, and will post about a couple more every week or so.

Kennedy Square‘s 1911 first printing is a bold green, with a fantastic chandelier taking prominence over the title.  The smoke coming out from the candles is gorgeously done, striking out a bold claim as an eye-grabber.  We’re selling this wonderful book for $6.00, which, with our sale, comes down to $3.00.  Not bad!

The Adventures of Captain Horn is unfortunately a little damaged, but the incredible front binding is not, and is one of my favorites of the department.  This was printed in 1895, and has a beautiful sailboat surrounded by the title of the book, ribbons, and what look like satchels furthest on the outside.  A fine piece of book binding excellence, for the low price of $5.00 ($2.50 with our sale!).

More to come next week!