We have a wide selection of Putumayo CD’s in our store, prominently displayed at our front desk.  These are fantastic musical adventures on a thin disc of silicon, allowing the listener to traverse into a foreign country and catch a glimpse of their culture through their music.  In this series, I’ll share one of my absolute favorite discs that we carry per post.

This is my favorite CD that I’ve heard from Putumayo.  It’s a delightful blend of the Nouvelle Scene (or New Scene, for us English speakers) that has taken French music by storm, and is a perfect disc to chill out to.  My top tracks are Thomas Fersen’s Au Café de la Paix and Aldebert’s Carpe Diem, but the entire CD is fantastic. You can listen to some samples of the album here.

Why do I dig Paris so much?  It’s the vibe.  The entire disc whisks me off to the streets of Paris, a place I’ve never been, but remains a vacation destination for both me and my wife.  I feel like I’m eating a tasty French pastry while my wife sips some coffee, taking in the sights of the majestic cityscape.  The music allows me to daydream such a pleasant experience with its whimsical tunes that embody the Paris of today.

If that sounds great to you, you’ll probably adore this disc.