For September, we couldn’t pick just one book.  We tossed around many ideas, and found that these two titles are absolutely well worth reading!

The first is Riding Invisible, by Sandra Alonzo.  This is a fantastic YA novel that I reviewed on the site a while back, but it definitely deserves a better spotlight.  Michael’s teenage son Nick read it over the summer, and he said it was “the best book he had ever read”.  As if it needed more praise, the American Library Association, through its Young Adult Library Services Association, has nominated it for its Best in YA Fiction award, which we think is incredibly awesome!

We plan to have Sandy join us sometime in September for a signing, so stay tuned for news on that!

The second is Lies Across America by James W. Loewen.  Lies My Teacher Told Me has been one of our summer bestsellers, and we felt that Loewen’s later book detailing the mistruths, mistakes and misconceptions of several of the country’s monuments, road markers and historical sites would be a fine addition to the store.  He also clears up the mysteries in his likable, to-the-point writing style.  I adore Loewen’s work, and consider this to be a phenomenal piece of U.S. History that is most deserving of your time.

Both of these excellent books will be 20% off during the month of September!  Ask us about them if you’d like to know more – I know I’ll happily share why I got so into them!