We had one of our more cherished local authors here in the store, historian Leroy Radanovich here on Friday, September 10, and the event was a huge smash!  Several copies of his books were signed, and Leroy didn’t have a single bit of downtime throughout his event!  Thanks, Leroy!  The original post follows:

He will be here to celebrate the release of his newest book, Yosemite Valley Railroad, and will happily sign copies and chat about the book all evening long. Refreshments will be on hand, too!  Here’s the official press release about the event:

Construction of the Yosemite Valley Railroad had a great effect on life and commerce in the Merced River Canyon: the mining and logging industry along the river flourished and the provision of safe and rapid access to Yosemite Valley for visitors quickened the pace of the development of Yosemite National Park.

Leroy’s book, through photographs and text, explores the building of the railroad and the changes that came with it. However, the opening of the “All Year Highway” (140) through Mariposa in 1926 greatly affected railroad operations: it now had to survive on the commercial uses, alone.  As these declined, so did the railroad.  Finally, after the tracks were damaged in flood of 1937, it continue to operate for only a few more years.  With the closing of the limestone quarry at Emery and the outbreak of WWII the glorious era of rail in Mariposa County came to an end.

Don’t miss this opportunity to talk with Leroy, get your books signed, and embark on the adventure of exploring our County’s wonderful history in word and picture.  Leroy’s other books on our County’s history also will be available. If you already have some of his books, come on down and get them signed!