Windows on the World – Books & Art is pleased to be sponsoring what we feel is a vital event to rally behind.   The official press release follows:

Mariposa County contributes significantly to California’s water supply. Mariposa’s water serves California’s vast agricultural industry and provides for urban water needs. Agricultural products grown with water from Mariposa County feed the nation. The snowpack from Mariposa’s mountains recharges groundwater and fills lakes and reservoirs downstream as it melts.

Climate Change threatens all that. A warming climate means decreased snowpack and habitat changes. Less snowpack means less water downstream, more droughts, floods, and potentially devastating impacts on farmers and water users.

Come and learn from a panel of experts about Climate Change and its potential impacts in Mariposa County. We’ll discuss joining a collaborative effort to positively address the effects of climate change in our region.

Time: 5:30—7:00 p.m.
Charge: Free
Location: Board of Supervisors Chambers

Sponsored by
Upper Merced River Watershed Council
Windows on the World – Books & Art

We will be on-hand during this event with several books on climate change and the environment available for sale.  We urge you to come to this important discussion about the future of Mariposa County.