Another month has rolled by, and that means it’s time for new Books of the Month!  For October, we went with two excellent Nonfiction titles that we felt were fantastically well-written.

Twain’s Feast is not a newcomer to the blog – I’ve reviewed the book quite favorably earlier on.  However, I think that Beahrs did a marvelous job with this book, and want more people to read it, so it’s well worth making it one of our Books of the Month.  I wrote a second review for local newsletter Mariposa Spirit digging a little deeper into why I enjoyed it so much (which I may post online if it’s all right with the editors there).  If you’re into anthropology, food, or Mark Twain, you’ll find something to like about this great book!

Our second book is by the wonderful Bill Bryson.  In fact, it may be his best book yet, and that’s really saying something!  At Home takes Bryson and his readers throughout his old Rectory home in England, and as he wanders from room to room, he delves into the fascinating history behind each.  An enlightening look into the one place we likely take most for granted!

Both of these excellent books will be 20% off for the entire month of October.  At Home won’t be available to purchase until October 5th, though, but we will take pre-orders!