Here’s what was most popular for the month of September:

1. Yosemite Valley Railroad by Leroy Radanovich
2. Yosemite National Park and the Vicinity by Leroy Radanovich
3. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larrson
4. The Wild Muir by Lee Stetson
5. Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen
6. Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada by John Muir Laws
7. The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Steig Larrson
8. Gloryland by Shelton Johnson
9. Yosemite Valley by Leroy Radaonvich
10. Slaughterhouse-5 by Kurt Vonnegut

1 – Leroy’s event last month was a smash hit, and he ran away with the bestselling book of the month by a longshot.  We still have several signed copies in stock!
2 – Because of Radanovich-mania, Leroy’s other books also surged, including his excellent pictorial history of the park.
3 – Larrson’s series continues to be a massive draw, with more and more people giving the first book a shot.
4 – Stetson performs as John Muir here in Yosemite, and is quite popular with tourists and locals alike.
5 – Although Lies Across America was the book of the month last month, the original Lies… continued to be the more popular title.  Both are fantastic, so I have no complaints!
6 – Laws’ guide is one of the best for the area, and it’s highly recommended by us!
7 – The sales show Larrson’s final book in the trilogy has a hook that has caught Mariposa and tourists in its intrigue!
8 – Johnson’s excellent book is an go-to for those looking for a unique piece of Yosemite history.  While the work is fiction, it’s based on a lot of research, and it very well-written!
9 – Leroy’s other Yosemite title was a big draw, too.
10 – Vonnegut’s most enduring classic was a pretty good seller last month.  I wonder if the school’s are reading it…