building_front[1]Windows on the World – Books & Art offers a broad and eclectic selection of new and used books, with a strong emphasis on the natural and cultural history of Yosemite National Park, Mariposa County, the Mother Lode, the Sierra Nevada, California, and the West; a large children’s book section as well as titles on religion and philosophy; nature, the environment and science; health and healing; history and biography; current events, and national and global issues; art, music and poetry; home, garden and pets; fiction and classics; along with titles on reference and travel.

We also carry gift items such as note cards; blank journals; baskets;  jewelry; reading accessories; and crafts by local and international artisans (the latter distributed by an international fair trade organization). We currently feature Art Work by local artists: beadwork, clay sculpture, fairy dolls, book covers, notecards, paintings, photographs (contemporary and historic reproductions) and pottery. Artists currently featured include Penny Otwell, Phyllis Becker, Becky Caraco, Ray Colliver, Reva Colliver, Tracy Greenwood, Chuck Oliver, Christine Radanovich, Leroy Radanovich, Sue Rudd, Bob Shockley, Lorie Setterberg, Althea Stevens, Howard Weamer, and Michael Frye.

We also have a co-op gallery next door, called Gallery 7.  Inside you will find the paintings, sculpture, photographs and glasswork of Althea Stevens, Sally Skogan, Anne Mahle, Adra Holland, Charles Philips, Carole Johnson, Geoff Vassallo, and Janet McClain.

Free internet service, along with
coffee & tea, organic when available, are waiting in the store, along with several cozy chairs. 

 gary_reva[1]A newcomer to the downtown Mariposa business community, we envision our store becoming a local community resource: a gathering place; an “information station”; a venue for artists, writers, musicians, and people and things we haven’t even dreamed of yet!  While the bookstore is new to the community, owners Gary and Reva Colliver are long-time community members. Having met and married in Yosemite in the early ’60’s, they have travelled widely, yet always returned “home” to Yosemite National Park, Mariposa County, and the Sierra Nevada.

The mission of Windows on the World – Books & Art is founded on five core principles, guided by an over arching vision, summarized in our mission statement:

Founding Principles

Windows on the World – Books and Art is a Bahá’í-inspired enterprise founded on a “spiritual principle paradigm” comprising five core, guiding principles:

  1. Work for the betterment of the world
  2. Set the common good above private interest
  3. Consciously adhere to human virtues
  4. Do what will profit you and others
  5. Consult as the means of decision making


Windows on the World – Books & Art is a center of community activity, fostering a culture of learning, service, and mutual respect among the residents of Mariposa County and its visitors, and contributing to the spiritual and material prosperity of Mariposa County, the Yosemite region, and the world.

Mission Statement

Windows on the World – Books & Art increases the material and spiritual prosperity of Mariposa County by providing a broad selection of books and ancillary products and services to the residents, agencies, schools, faith communities, businesses, and organizations of, and visitors to, Mariposa County and the Yosemite region, and by working collaboratively with those same groups, forming a network of relationships that promote the development of a flourishing community and sustainable economy.

You can order books by phone, email, or in person to pick up at the store or have delivered to you in the same amount of time or less than the non-local, corporate option. We often can find that out-of-print or hard-to-find book you’ve been looking for.

In the near future, we will have some of our hand-picked bestseeling books on the website for you to purchase.

Email & Website

You may email us at or visit us online at